RamParts Pumps

Heavy Duty Air Driven Diaphragm Pumps

Category: Process Pumps

Application: Metal Processing, Water & Wastewater Treatment, General Industry Needs

The rugged construction and extra-thick casing of RamParts air-driven diaphragm pumps stand up to even the most demanding sludge and slurry applications.They overcome the “high-wear” problem commonly found in double diaphragm and progressive cavity pumps by  operating dry on suction lifts up to 20 ft (6.5 m) and handling liquids with solid contents up to approximately 70%. 

Depending on pump model, they are capable of passing up to 3” (76 mm) diameter spherical solids. Solids size is determined by check valve type.
Pump stroke rate, discharge stroke time, suction drive pressure and discharge drive pressure can all be adjusted independently, and most RamParts Pumps can easily handle heavy sludges at their rate of accumulation in clarifiers and settling basins.
When it comes to handling heavy sludges and slurries, there’s only one name you need to know – RamParts.

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