Greenpumps Srl

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Category: Process Pumps

Application: Chemical Processing, Oil & Gas Production, Petrochemical, Metal Processing, Water & Wastewater Treatment, General Industry Needs

Based in Padova, Italy, GREENPUMPS specializes in the design and manufacture of magnetic drive sealless centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. All GREENPUMPS pumps are designed to provide "zero emission" leak-free operation in applications where emissions are detrimental to both the process and the environment.

Featuring a streamlined layout featuring minimal rotating parts, maximum model interchangeability and increased component strength to stand up to the most severe working conditions, GREENPUMPS products are a great fit for applications in water treatment, pharmaceutical and chemical production, as well as duty in petrochemical and refining process.

Plus, with each GREENPUMPs product being fully compliant with the 1990 EPA Clean Air Act, your company can move a step closer towards achieving your own “zero emissions” operation!

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