Sunair sells and services pumps, gas compressors, and reliability equipment used across hundreds of industries, with thousands of applications.

We have experience engineering and maintaining our vast product line for pulp and paper production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical processing, power generation, oil and gas production, the marine market, original equipment manufacturing, and much more.

Some of the most common applications for our products are:

  • Boiler feed water
  • Chemical
  • Condensate
  • Hot oil
  • Injection
  • Petroleum refining
  • Sanitary
  • Sludge
  • Slurries
  • Sump pumping
  • Vertical pumping
  • Washdown
Large industrial water treatment and boiler room

Sunair is the reliable choice.

All of our products are built for low-cost durability, customizable applications suited to your needs, and easy maintenance and repair from our fully equipped service center.

Read more about the most common industries we work with below, and then reach out to us to find out how we can create a custom solution for you.

Chemical Processing

The chemical industry is a central pillar of the global economy, converting raw materials such as air, water, metals, and minerals into more than 70,000 industrial chemicals.

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Oil & Gas Production

Sunair offers a carefully selected line of pumps from some of the world’s leading oil and gas equipment manufacturers.

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Sunair is the tri-state area’s leading resource for American Petroleum Institute-standard equipment.

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Metal Processing

Sunair has been providing reliable, efficient pumps and lubricants to tri-state metal processors since 1974.

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Mining & Quarries

The Sunair team understands the need for reliability, and we’re available to design and deploy a work-site solution tailored to whatever application you need.

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Sunair is the area’s leading provider of application-specific processing equipment for the entire supply and distribution chain.

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Water & Wastewater Treatment

Whether you need to filter your water to remove solids, employee chemical disinfectants or coagulants, the market for water and wastewater treatment is vast.

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Food & Beverage

Because the food and beverage industry is subject to stringent government regulations, your products must comply with the highest standards to ensure the safety and well-being of consumers.

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Pulp & Paper

From refining and mixing with water and additives to the final stages for pressing and rolling for shipment, Sunair has provided the tri-state area’s paper industry with the equipment their processes require.

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General Industry Needs

Sunair’s team of expert engineers delivers custom solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, ensuring you meet your demands, no matter how specialized.

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Pipelines & Terminals

Sunair offers a range of high quality pumps and equipment to ensure the proper storing and transferring of materials such as gas, oil, water, slurry, and much more.

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