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Specializing in equipping all of your industrial pump applications, Sunair offers a wide selection of demo models from among our premier product line to enable you to see equipment for yourself.

With our extensive range of high-quality pumps, gas compressors, and reliability equipment from industry-leading manufacturers, you’re sure to find the best equipment for whatever your applications require.



A smart, easy, cost-effective way to guarantee that your pump solutions will be as effective as possible.

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Emotron M20

A multifunction monitoring system that uses the motor as a sensor, accurately tracking motor load to ensure the health of your equipment

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Royal Purple Synthetic Oil

Greatly improve the overall reliability and efficiency of your equipment, and lower your operating costs.

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SEEPEX Intelligent Metering Pumps

Perfect for transferring a wide range of liquids, solids, and gases for a variety of industrial applications.

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AESSEAL Bearing Protection Devices

Innovative bearing isolator housing seals for your pumps, motors, pillow blocks, gear boxes, rotary valves, steam turbines, and other rotating equipment.

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