Electric Water Pumps

Category: Process Pumps

Application: Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, General Industry Needs

Calpeda is committed to the the study, development and manufacture of industrial pumping systems, continuing company founder and pioneer Vinicio Mettifogo’s vision of providing a wide array of pumps for use across a range of applications.
From domestic applications like swimming pool sand spa baths, to industrial process pertaining to the civil sector, agriculture, irrigantion, industrial fields and wastewater management, Calpeda Co. has a pumping solution that is perfect for virtually any process.
With 250 employees and a corporate headquarters that covers nearly 30,000 square meters, Calpeda boasts some impressive numbers. At present, they produce over 2,000 unique types of pumps with power ratings ranging from 0.5 to 200 kW.

With a capillary network of distributors in Italy, Calpeda operates in an increasing number of countries world-wide through their subsidiary companies, branches and distributors, of which Sunair Co. is one.

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