Sliding Vane Pumps and Gas Compressors

Category: Process Pumps

Application: Chemical Processing, Oil & Gas Production, Petrochemical, Metal Processing, General Industry Needs, Facilities, Pipelines & Terminals

Blackmer single and two-stage, reciprocating compressors are designed to create a low-pressure area in the pumping chamber when the piston moves from the highest point of the stroke to the lowest point, while gaseous product -- kept at a higher pressure in the tank -- moves into the pumping chamber. This volume of gas is then displaced when the piston returns to the top of the stroke.

Equipped with high efficiency valves, ductile iron pistons and self-adjusting piston rod seals, these robust compressors are designed to provide maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service conditions.

Blackmer reciprocating compressors are a perfect for applications involving pressure boosting, liquefied gas transfer, vapor recovery, tank scavenging, railcar unloading, ammonia, LPG, refrigerants, butane, propane, propylene mixtures, pressure padding, carbon dioxide and the delivery of oil-free process nitrogen or air.

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