The Benefits of High Performance Synthetic Lubricants From Royal Purple

Containing generous amounts of SYNERLEC®, an unrivaled and proprietary additive technology, Royal Purple’s oil builds upon the advantages common to other synthetic lubricants—and amplifies them.

Published April 25, 2024   |   5 minute read

Conventional, or mineral-based, oil costs add up over time due to the need for more frequent oil changes and, often, equipment maintenance. You’re also more likely to experience unexpected downtime and lost production when relying on conventional oil. 

And while synthetic lubricants are generally preferable to conventional oils, not all synthetics are created equal.

Royal Purple industrial lubricants offer premium quality with incomparable benefits for general industrial uses such as pumps, gearboxes, turbines, compressors, mechanical seal buffer and barrier fluids, hydraulic systems, marine engines, transportation, and natural gas engine products, to name a few.

Synthetic Lubricants vs.
Conventional Mineral Oil

The superiority of synthetic lubricants becomes all the more clear when contrasted with conventional mineral oil. 

Molecular Structure

Synthetic oils are synthesized from hydrocarbon molecules, resulting in the oil having a uniform size and shape without impurities, while conventional oil consists of refined petroleum, resulting in a more varied and irregular molecular structure that contains impurities.

Viscosity Index

Refers to the change in an oil’s viscosity with a shift in temperature. The viscosity index of synthetics is much higher than in mineral oil. In other words, synthetic lubricants maintain a more consistent viscosity over a wider range of temperatures. 


Vital for reducing friction, synthetic lubricants have superior high-temperature stability and resist thermal breakdown. Alternatively, conventional mineral oils have lower temperature stability and begin to break down more quickly under high heat, thus leading to increased friction and wear. 

Similarly, because of its uniform molecular structure and lack of impurities, synthetic oil also provides superior low-temperature performance than mineral oil, resulting in better flowability and lower pour points. 


Synthetic lubricants last longer than conventional mineral oil, reducing oil consumption and disposal costs, increasing convenience, and lowering overall costs. 

Energy Efficiency

Due to their uniform molecular structure, synthetic lubricants improve energy efficiency and fuel economy by reducing friction and drag in your machinery. Furthermore, synthetic oil can meet the fuel economy requirements of lower viscosity grades without compromising protection. 

Damage Prevention

Synthetic lubricants offer 100% low-speed, pre-ignition protection, which prevents major damage to the engine components caused by abnormal combustion events. This is something conventional mineral oil cannot do.

Cost Effectiveness

Synthetic oil costs more initially than conventional oil because it uses higher quality, more expensive materials and processes. However, it offers additional benefits for the higher price that can outweigh the initial cost in the long run.

Benefits of Using Royal Purple Oil

Containing generous amounts of SYNERLEC®, an unrivaled and proprietary additive technology, Royal Purple’s oil builds upon the advantages common to other synthetic lubricants—and amplifies them.

Its benefits will further enhance your industrial equipment’s performance in several ways:

  • SYNERLEC® provides a thicker oil film by chemically bonding to metal surfaces, while its toughened qualities resist breakdown caused by the stresses of severe operating conditions. 
  • SYNERLEC® also micromends (or micropolishes) asperities, creating smoother surfaces and assuring uninterrupted oil fluid film for longer equipment life and lower vibration levels.
  • Lasts longer, reduces friction, saves energy, and protects lubricated components from wear more effectively than other oils.
  • Prevents corrosion and rust by using superior synthetic base oils and additives. 
  • Its exceptionally high film strength can carry up to 700 percent greater loads than other mineral and synthetic oils.
  • Hydrophobic, it separates rapidly from water and doesn’t emulsify. This protects your bearings if water gets in the oil and displaces water, enabling it to be easily drained from the bottom of the reservoir.
  • SYNERLEC® protects against oxidation and breakdown and has inherent solvency that prevents thickening, and formation of corrosive acids, sludge, varnish, and lacquer deposits, thus helping equipment remain cleaner and last longer between repairs.
  • Since it is highly filtered and exceptionally clean when leaving the factory, it doesn’t need to be filtered on arrival at your plant like many competitors’ oils.
  • Remains on surfaces after shutdown, providing instant lubrication upon startup. 
  • SYNERLEC® bonds with metal surfaces, displacing moisture and protecting against rust—for excellent corrosion protection.

Royal Purple’s high performance synthetic lubricants also provide other advantages specific to automotive use, as well:

  • Offers 100% low-speed, pre-ignition protection, preventing major damage to your engine components caused by abnormal combustion events. 
  • Enhances equipment performance by removing power-robbing deposits, preventing sludge formation, and increasing horsepower and torque.
  • Protects emissions equipment from the harmful effects of exhaust gasses by using patented, anti-wear additive chemistry. 
  • Compatible with fuels containing ethanol, and prevents the white sludge and lubrication starvation that can occur with higher concentration gasoline-ethanol blends. 

Applications for Royal Purple Industrial Lubricants

A pioneer in the development of high performance synthetic lubricants, Royal Purple provides state-of-the-art products for a wide variety of industrial applications. These include:

  • General industrial oils and greases in all industrial market segments
  • Mechanical seal barrier and buffer fluids
  • Industrial and marine engines/automotive oils
  • Special purpose oils and greases
  • FDA/USDA oils and greases
  • Specialty products and additives
  • Natural gas engine products

Sunair Co. Carries the Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants You Need

Sunair Co. is a proud distributor of Royal Purple synthetic lubricants strengthened by SYNERLEC®, which lasts up to 400% longer than the competition. 

Again, while synthetics may cost you more upfront, they feature extended lifespans and save you money in the long run. And Sunair is thrilled to provide Royal Purple products to our clients for all varieties of industrial uses! 

Sunair is powered by seasoned veterans who have been helping engineers find the right equipment and products for their high-performance projects since 1974. 

You can expect best-in-class synthetic lubricants when working with Sunair.

Our fully-equipped service center is factory-authorized to service all the Royal Purple products you need to keep your industrial machines and engines running at full capacity—24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Contact Sunair today to learn more about the benefits of high performance synthetic lubricants from Royal Purple.

It’s tempting to go with conventional oil rather than a synthetic lubricant because of its longer history and lower up-front costs. However, there’s broad agreement among industrial engineers that synthetic lubricants are superior—and more cost effective over the long haul.

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