Why Customers Choose Sunair's Selection of Industrial Lubricant Brands

Sunair Co. carries the leading synthetic lubricant brands to help keep your industrial pump operations running at peak efficiency for longer, including Royal Purple, Bel-Ray, ATS Electro-Lube, and Des-Case.

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Published December 21, 2021   |   3 minute read

When it comes to industrial pump lubrication and reliability products, Sunair Co. is a leader in providing the best products and solutions for whatever your job requires.

“Sunair partners with premium lubrication formulators and accessory manufacturers so we can supply our customers with the correct lubricants and barrier fluids as well as accessories to help them achieve longer equipment run life and reduce their total cost of ownership,” explains Brian Sawyer, Managing Director for Sunair Co., the Pennsylvania-based provider of industrial pumps, compressors, and reliability products.

No matter how much you spend on pumps and gas compressors, they’re only as effective as the reliability equipment used to service and support them, so be sure you choose the best.

Why Sunair Co. Is the Best Choice for Your Pump Lubrication Needs

For nearly 50 years, Sunair Co. has prided itself on carefully sourcing and delivering the highest quality pump lubricants designed to maximize efficiency, lower costs, and extend the overall life of your equipment.

“Sunair’s service division repairs all types of rotating pump equipment and gearboxes,” continues Sawyer. “We also supply and install mechanical seals for virtually any application. Over the course of many years, we noticed that failures of our customers’ pumps and seals were often due to inadequate and, in many cases, inappropriate lubrication products and practices. We also realize that manufacturers of pump equipment frequently provide only basic lubrication specs and guidelines to end users with minimal additional guidance on the finer points of lubricating of their equipment.”

The expert staff at Sunair Co. will help you discover the right lubrication products for your processes, whatever they may be, and because we only distribute the highest quality brands, you can rest assured that our solutions will keep your operations running smoothly for the long haul.

“Because we were actually seeing the results of poor lubrication during inspection of the equipment after a failure event, we came to see that we could fill this important role by educating ourselves and our customers on lubrication of their rotating equipment and seals,” adds Sawyer.

At Sunair Co., we’ll not only supply your operations with top-of-the-line pump lubrication products, we also provide factory authorized services for all of our equipment, and thanks to our 24-hour service center, you’ll always have access to low-cost maintenance and repair solutions whenever you need.

This is the Sunair Co. difference. When you choose us, you’re not just picking a service provider, you’re choosing a partner who can deliver high-efficiency, low-maintenance, long-term solutions to your pump operations.

Extensive Pump Lubricant Brands

ATS Electro-Lube

Sunair Co. provides a full range of innovative industrial lubrication solutions from ATS Electro-Lube International Incorporated—an originator and innovator of automatic lubricating equipment since 1982. This family-owned and operated company has continued to deliver the best-in-class lubrication systems to customers around the world.


Bel-Ray lubricants release the full potential of your machinery, allowing each component to work at peak efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and maximizing reliability in the long term. And with less wear and tear to cause concern, maintenance and spares costs are reduced, enabling you to save money while keeping your pumps running like new.


Specializing in providing contamination control products for industrial lubricants, Des-Case boasts an extensive product line designed to help your equipment last longer, including a wide range of disposable and rebuildable desiccant breathers, as well as oil sight gauges, filter carts, oil storage systems, vacuum dehydrators, and oil conditioning in monitoring devices, engineered to preserve and enhance lubricant cleanliness and to improve their overall performance.

Royal Purple

Equipment running with Royal Purple lubricants typically runs cooler, smoother, quieter, and more efficiently, and exhibits less wear, throughout the lifespan of the machine. 

Royal Purple lubricant lasts up to 400 percent longer than other leading synthetic oils, resulting in less time and money spent on maintenance—and improved efficiencies.

Our long-lasting synthetic lubricants help extend the life of your equipment, and the dedicated team at Sunair Co. will help you design a custom solution and select the right equipment for all your industrial pump needs.

“Industrial lubrication details can be confusing, and many customers are not fully aware of the importance of this [critical] asset to achieving their equipment reliability goals,” shares Sawyer.

“Lubricants are not created equal,” he adds, “and Sunair can provide valuable assistance with selection of the correct product for any industrial application, and can even demonstrate the superiority of the lubricants we supply.”

For more information about our extensive list of products and services, or to get started, contact Sunair Co. today.

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