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Application: Chemical Processing, Oil & Gas Production, Petrochemical, Metal Processing, Mining & Quarries, Pharmaceutical, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Food & Beverage, Pulp & Paper, General Industry Needs, Facilities, Utility, Pipelines & Terminals

Sunair Co. is a proud distributor of Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants.
Equipment running with Royal Purple Lubricants consumes less power, runs more smoothly, vibrates less and exhibits decreased parts wear over the lifespan of the machine. So - why is it important to use a quality lubricant?
The lubricant determines how efficiently, reliably and long your machinery can run, thereby dictating your operating costs; and considering that lubrication-related failures account for 54% of all bearing failures, it should come as no surprise that a better lubricant makes for a happier machine.
But what is the real cost of oil? It's not just the purchase price, or how much money was saved by using a cheaper brand. It is actually comprised of:
  • Purchase price
  • Cost in service, represented by energy savings
  • Cost of labor and replacement parts
  • Cost of downtime and lost production
  • Oil service life, represented by oil drain frequency
  • Cost of used oil disposal
Royal Purple lasts up to 400% longer than the competition. Therefore, less oil requires purchase, less oil needs to be disposed of and less time is spent performing oil changes, which improves your bottom line.
Royal Purple delivers a superior lubrication options over other leading synthetic oils on the market. Consider the following:
  • Generous amounts of SYNERLEC®, Royal Purple's unbeatable, proprietary additive technology.
  • RP's high film strength, which can carry up to 700 percent greater loads than other mineral and synthetic oils.
  • Royal Purple micropolishes asperities, creating smoother surfaces for longer equipment life and lower vibration levels.
  • Royal Purple remains on surfaces after shutdown, providing instant lubrication upon startup. SYNERLEC bonds with metal surfaces, displacing moisture and protecting against rust offering excellent corrosion protection.
  • RP's SYNERLEC additive protects against oil oxidation, preventing RP Oils from breaking down, thickening, forming corrosive acids, sludge, or varnish and lacquer deposits, thus helping equipment remain cleaner and last longer between repairs.
  • RP separates rapidly from water, meaning bearings won't fail if water gets in the oil. Instead, RP displaces water, allowing it to be easily drained from the bottom of the reservoir.
  • Extremely low coefficients of friction save more energy than other synthetic oils. 

Royal Purple has a high performance lubricant for almost every use, including:
  • General industrial oils and greases
  • Industrial and marine engines / automotive oils
  • Special purpose oils and greases
  • FDA / USDA oils and greases
  • Speciality products and additives
  • Natural gas engine products

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