Sunair & Sundyne Help Improve Pump Efficiency & Avert Costly Downtime at Regional Oil Refinery

Sunair Co. partnered with pump and compressor manufacturer Sundyne to provide replacements and custom solutions for improving operational efficiencies at a regional oil refinery.

Sundyne pump

Published January 19, 2023   |   3 minute read

Sunair’s Commitment to Client Excellence

When the managers of an oil refinery in the Northeast sought to rerate and optimize one of its process units, they were limited by an existing, legacy pump with a much higher minimum continuous safe flow rate than required.

They turned to Sunair Co. and our partner Sundyne—a premier designer and manufacturer of industrial pumps and compressors for the process fluid and gas industries—for the best solution.

The Problem

The refinery was having problems running their existing pump at the preferred flow rate, resulting in premature failures and reduced production efficiencies.

To make matters worse, the existing piping wasn't compatible with the recommended pump for the job—a low flow Sundyne SMKL horizontal overhung API 610 OH2 model. Having worked with Sundyne’s SMKL pumps before, the plant reliability engineers and operators knew it would provide the precise flow rate they were seeking to achieve, but required additional assistance to implement the new pieces of equipment.

The Solution

Sundyne worked with the refinery to design and cast a custom volute so the pump could replace the old model, without requiring expensive piping modifications.

The Result

The plant was able to quickly install the pump, avoiding any unscheduled downtime or unexpected outages. The new, custom volute also averted a costly retrofit.

Within hours, the plant was back up and running, with process unit rates adjusted for optimal performance, and the pump operating at desired flow rates. The upgrade has resulted in improved pump reliability, higheruptime, and enhanced production.

The commissioning process went smoothly, and the unit’s spare is currently in production, to safeguard against future potential unplanned downtime. Sunair Co. and Sundyne are now looking forward to evaluating additional opportunities to upgrade, rerate, or retrofit other existing assets at the facility.

Work With Sunair for a Wide Range of Pump & Equipment Reliability Solutions

Sunair Co. is a full-service Sundyne industrial supplier and Authorized Service Center, providing a diverse line of pumps and equipment reliability products, as well as installation, repair, and maintenance services—ensuring your industrial operations run reliably and efficiently.

Have an upgrade or retrofit project? Give us a call to schedule a free, on-site pump survey and consultation.

Sunair can help with a variety of other Sundyne retrofit solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Sundyne Marelli API 610 back pull-out upgrades, with our comprehensive range of heavy-duty OH2 bearing frames
  • Sundyne HMD-Kontro API 685 OH2, OH3, OH4 & OH5 sealless, magnetic-drive drop-in replacements for Union VLK & others, including pumps that conform to BS 4082 standards
  • Sundyne Model LMV-801 conversions to an LMV-801CS design that accepts cartridge seals, or to a sealless, magnetic-drive LMV-801S
  • Sundyne Direct-Drive & Integrally Geared Vertical Inline Pump rerates that could entail impeller trim, diffuser & wet-end hardware, gearbox speed, hydraulic style & other engineered solutions
  • Vertical Turbine VS1, VS2 & VS6 style pumps
  • Vertical Sump VS4 style pump drop-in replacements
  • Mechanical seal & seal flush plan upgrades

For more information, or to request a quote for Sundyne pumps and equipment, contact Sunair Co. today.

Advantages of Sundyne’s SMKL Product Line

Sundyne SMKL and SMKLo API 610 OH2 horizontal end-suction pumps boast a rugged design capable of running continuously for years.

They’re specifically engineered to comply with the exacting API 610 standards for OH2 pumps. They are an efficient, reliable, and smart choice for use in oil and gas, petrochemical, power, and other demanding industries requiring heavy-duty, API-compliant equipment.

The SMKL line also uses Sundyne’s industry-leading, straight radial-vane Barske impeller and diffuser hydraulics, and is also a variation of the model SMK, with a closed Francis- vane impeller. SMKLo models incorporate Sundyne’s market-leading inducer technology for extreme low NPSHR applications.

Sunair Co. works with the best pump and equipment reliability companies in the industry to provide a wide array of products, services, and top-of-the-line solutions to help maximize your operational performance and efficiency.

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