SEEPEX Brings Innovation to Progressive Cavity Pumps

SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps are uniquely designed to be longer lasting, more effective, versatile, and easier to install than the competition.

SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Pumps

Published November 19, 2021   |   3 minute read

No matter what your industry or application, if you require a progressive cavity pump to keep operations running smoothly, the SEEPEX product line is up to the task.

SEEPEX is one of the leading manufacturers of progressive cavity pumps, macerators and pump control systems in the world. Their advanced designs provide pumping solutions that handle varying levels of viscosity and abrasiveness—for whatever your job requires.

Here is what sets SEEPEX’s progressive cavity pumps apart from the competition.


Long Lasting & Effective 

SEEPEX’s powerful and durable progressive cavity pumps use strong suction forces for easy transport of materials ranging from low-viscosity to highly viscous media, with or without solids, as well as air- or gas-liquid mixtures.

Utilizing low pulsation, these pumps deliver a steady, even flow without the need for separate dampeners or compensators, and have low shear—making them ideal for handling more sensitive substances.



SEEPEX pumps feature a variety of rotor and stator shapes and sizes, as well a wide range of shaft seal configurations, making the equipment easy to adapt and tailor to suit any conveying process.

The pumps are available fitted with a variety of pressure connection types to suit your application, including flanges, NPT, open hopper, and sanitary openings for the simple intake of clean or solids-containing media. This makes SEEPEX pumps suitable for use in virtually any industrial application, from wastewater to chemical to food production to refining.


Easy Installation

SEEPEX pump designs are created with ease of installation and upkeep in mind, enabling horizontal or vertical positioning with a large, rotatable, spherical suction intake, depending on your on-site layout conditions.


Innovative Smart Conveying Technology (SCT)

The pinnacle of SEEPEX’s innovative equipment is the patented Smart Conveying Technology (SCT). Developed exclusively by SEEPEX in 2008, SCT provides the most effective pumping solutions, as well as unparalleled ease, customization, and productivity to your operations.

The SEEPEX SCT line has a unique design enabling the sealing line between the rotor and stator to be adjusted for the required application, while also compensating for wear. This typically more than doubles the life of the rotor and stator, while ensuring the fastest possible maintenance — reducing downtime and significantly lowering life cycle costs across virtually all market sectors.

Here are several significant benefits of using Smart Conveying Technology (SCT):

  • The simple design and assembly make upkeep easy, reducing operational downtime and maintenance time by up to 85 percent.
  • Its two-piece Smart Stator and Rotor enable the pump to be maintained in place without the need to remove the suction or discharge pipework, or any special tools.
  • Its integrated retensioning device increases the average service life of the rotor and stator by up to 200 percent.
  • SCT ensures high energy and efficiency due to its built-in retensioning device, which enables the clamp between the rotor and stator to be adjusted for optimum performance.
  • SCT pumps do not require pipework removal during maintenance, nor the fitting of additional 'spool' pieces, further reducing installation costs and its overall footprint.
  • Free-molded stator halves are easily recycled due to the use of separate and reusable stator tube segments, making the design more environmentally friendly and more easily serviceable.
  • Rotor replacement doesn’t require additional universal joint components or lubricants.

Additionally, SEEPEX offers a SCT Retrofit-Kit, enabling an existing conventional tube stator pump to be upgraded without modifying the pipework or base plate—making it even easier to install and optimize for your operations. Utilizing the innovative equipment of the SCT system is a smart, convenient, and cost-effective way of guaranteeing your pump solutions will be as effective as possible, for as long as possible.

SEEPEX customers know their pumps can handle even the most complex of applications.

Sunair Co. is an official distributor of SEEPEX pump equipment and products. To schedule a demo of the SEEPEX product line, or to speak with an associate to find the best solution for your industrial pump needs, contact Sunair Co. today. Be sure to ask about the special three-year “Performance Guarantee” program for customers replacing older pumps from another manufacturer with the new SEEPEX SCT!

To learn more about Sunair Co.’s diverse selection of industry-leading brands and suppliers, including SEEPEX, explore our directory.

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