Sundyne Compressors

Process Gas Compressors

Category: Gas Compressors & Blowers

Application: Oil & Gas Production, Petrochemical

Sunair Co. is a proud Authorized Service Center for Sundyne pumps and compressors, serving the Northeast region.

Sundyne centrifugal gas compressors are engineered to provide pulsation- and vibration-free operation, delivering oil-free process gas with zerio emissions. Each unit is engineered in accordance with stringent API 617 and 614 standards, allowing them to run for up to 5 years continuously without the need for maintenance or overhaul. Sundyne compressors are also fully NACE compliant, meaning they are certifed against rust and corrosion resulting from standard duty applications.

These units typically find use in the handling of corrosive gases, polypropylene, chlorine, LNG, ethylene, acetic acid, acetylene and hydrogen, as well as regeneration, recycle, vapor recovery, fuel gas, gas boost and high suction pressure applications.

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