Mechanical Seals & Seal Support Systems

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Mechanical Seals & Seal Support Systems

When it comes to effective pump applications, working with the right seal manufacturer is essential. Ranked as the 4th largest supplier of mechanical seals globally, the AESSEAL®  product line is specially crafted with a modular approach to fit a vast range of pumps and systems to prevent the release of liquids and gases. 


Four Decades of Excellence 

Founded 1979, AESSEAL has grown over the past 43 years to become an industry-leading manufacturer of mechanical seals and support systems. Boasting a wide range of solutions from packing to dry gas compressor seals and a 97% on-time delivery rate, AESSEAL is trusted by operations the world over. AESSEAL maintains this high level of trust by meeting the highest standards of quality, constantly innovating their products, and always striving to achieve their core mission of making complex systems simple. 


Designed for Improved Performance & Longevity

Developed in their state-of-the-art facilities and leveraging extensive research and development investments, AESSEAL’s mechanical seals are tested and optimized to deliver the highest level of performance. Using advanced manufacturing techniques, they produce seals with fewer parts that are more compact, robust, and reliable than competitors’ designs. AES also prioritizes modularity across products and models, enabling shorter lead times and greater customer value for money compared to competitors.

With an assortment of computational and numerical tools used in conjunction with their extensive testing program, AESSEAL designs products that keep your pumps and rotating equipment up and running better for longer.


Variety of Seal Types for Versatility 

AESSEAL manufactures a variety of seals and seal support systems for a wide range of pumps and rotating equipment used to support industrial and commercial applications around the world. With their complete sealing packages, they’re stocked and ready to outfit entire operations, including: 

  • Shaft packing
  • Flow meters
  • Component seals 
  • Mixer seals (available with and without dry-running faces) 
  • Dry gas compressor seals 
  • Seal repairs
  • High duty seals for slurries and high pressure pipeline duty
  • Fully qualification-tested API-682 refinery seals and support systems
  • Bearing face seals 
  • Labyrinth seals

All available in both metric and imperial design for convenient use no matter which convention is required.


Efficiency & Sustainability 

As a brand and company, AESSEAL prides itself on delivering quality, reliability, and great service, while operating in an ethical and sustainable way. Their sealing solutions will reduce your overall costs associated with energy and water consumption, as well as associated maintenance costs. 


AESSEAL’s extensive line of quality products includes:


Maintenance & Repairs Service Available 

In addition to supplying the best equipment for your operations, AESSEAL also provides both onsite and remote maintenance and repair services. With certified engineers and reliability consultants in locations across more than 100 countries, they can work with clients to assess and improve their operations wherever possible. 


AESSEAL products and services include:

  • Alignment and balancing
  • Asset integrity
  • Condition monitoring
  • Energy assessments
  • Lubrication management
  • Pump reliability
  • Reliability engineering

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Mechanical Seals & Support Systems

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