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Reduced downtime, lower life cycle costs.

SEEPEX, the leading world-wide specialist in pump equipment and solutions, has innovated yet again with its patented SCT Pump technology. 

seepex pump

Leading benefits of the SEEPEX SCT line include:

  • Reduced Downtime
    Reduce maintenance by up to 85%.

  • Extended Rotor & Stator Service Life
    Integrated retensioning device results in up to 200% increase in the life of the rotor and stator.

  • Maintenance in Place
    Two-piece Smart Stator and Rotor allow the pump to be maintained in place without the need to remove the suction or discharge pipework, or the use of any special tools.

  • Increased Productivity
    High-energy and performance efficiency due to the in-built retensioning device, which allows the clamp between the rotor and stator to be adjusted for optimum performance.

  • Environmental Benefits
    Free molded stator halves can be easily recycled due to the lack of the stator tube. Stator metal segments are also reusable, end users need only replace elastomer components. Replacement of the rotor does not require additional universal joint components or lubricants.

  • Retrofit Availability
    The SCT Retrofit-Kit allows an existing conventional tube stator pump to be upgraded without the need to modify the pipework or base plate.

  • Easy Installation
    As SCT pumps do not require any pipework to be removed during maintenance, additional 'spool' pieces are not required to be fitted reducing installation costs and overall footprint.


Utilizing the innovative technology of the Seepex SCT pump is a smart, easy, cost-effective way to guarantee that your pump solutions will be as effective as possible for as long as possible. Schedule a demo today!

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