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Leverage more accurate metering and easy adjustments with SEEPEX.

Built with precision metering and easy maintenance in mind, SEEPEX Intelligent Metering Pumps (IMPs) are perfect for transferring a wide range of liquids, solids, and gases for a variety of industrial applications.


Leading benefits of the SEEPEX Intelligent Metering Pump line include:

  • Cost-efficiency
    Inexpensive rotating units, which reduce overall costs.

  • Eliminated Vapor Locking
    Cavity design allows for stable conveyance of various liquids, solids, and gasses.

  • Ease of Operations
    Valveless flow control makes operation as easy as possible.

  • High Performance
    Low slip (internal backflow) provides optimal performance efficiency and reduces wear on components.

  • Easy Maintenance
    Minimal components require only simple and predictive maintenance.

  • Increased Lifespan
    Hastelloy C and Titanium components increase corrosion resistance for long-term durability.

  • Precision Programming
    Electronic Programming Module (EPM) memory chips reduce downtime when switching drives or changing parameters.

  • Accessory Compatibility
    Easily connect accessories to the drive via control terminals.


SEEPEX is a leading manufacturer of pump equipment and solutions world-wide, and with high quality materials and an innovative design, the SEEPEX line of Intelligent Metering Pumps provides an easy and cost-effective solution for your industrial pumping applications. To find out if our Intelligent Metering Pumps will work for you, schedule a demo today!

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