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High-quality lubricants for your rotating equipment.

Royal Purple’s line of synthetic industrial lubricants are some of the most advanced currently available on the market. Well known for their outstanding quality and superior performance, Royal Purple lubricants will greatly improve the overall reliability and efficiency of your equipment, as well as lower your total operating cost of ownership.

Advantages of using Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricants include:

  • Longer Oil Life
    Royal Purple’s oils formulated with Synerlec additive technology lasts up to 400% longer than other mineral and synthetic oils, increasing your MTBM.

  • Excellent Corrosion Protection
    Formulas provide superior protection against rust and corrosion in both salt and freshwater environments.

  • Rapid Separation from Water
    Combat oil emulsification. Drain water from oil reservoirs quickly and easily with fast and complete separation from water.

  • Oil Cleanliness
    New, clean steel drum and poly pail packaging ensures fluid cleanliness.

  • Energy Efficiency
    Reduce friction and save energy over mineral and other synthetic oils. 

  • Cost Avoidance
    Synthetic lubricants can save you money by reducing service, parts, labor costs, as well as the costs associated with unplanned downtime leading to loss of production.

Industrial lubricants are not a commodity. Your choice in lubricants can determine how efficiently and reliably your equipment operates. Schedule a demo with Sunair Co. today to find out for yourself!

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