Demonstration Shaft Power Monitor Now Available

Power monitors, soft starters, and VFDs for a variety of industrial applications.

The Emotron M20 shaft power monitor is highly accurate, flexible, and easy to install and program.  Its multifunction monitoring system uses the motor as a sensor, accurately tracking motor load to ensure the health of your equipment. It provides early detection and even shuts down for operational upsets that can cause equipment failure.

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Leading benefits of utilizing the Emotron M20 shaft power monitor include:

  • Unique Shaft Power Detection
    Load size detection and shaft power calculations reliably monitor across the entire load range.

    Emotron’s patented load monitoring algorithm accounts for motor inefficiencies and adjusts output accordingly, making it perhaps the most accurate load reading on the market. 

    This algorithm is included in its MSF soft starters and also FDU and VFX VFDs, along with additional affinity law load curve compensation features.

  • Protection for Your Equipment
    Receive early warnings to allow for preventive action, protecting your pumps and other equipment against damage and downtime.

  • Cost Efficiency
    Early detection of potential issues and identification of inefficiencies reduces maintenance costs and increases reliability.

  • Ease of Use
    The Auto Set feature allows four protection set points to be established in just a few seconds. During normal operation, warning and stop levels are calculated automatically on the basis of the actual motor load measured. Auto Set can also be customized and protection points programmed manually for maximum flexibility.

  • Low-Cost Installation and Minimal Maintenance
    The M20 uses the motor as a sensor and eliminates the need for external sensors that are prone to failure, extra cabling, and drilling holes in pipes. The result is increased reliability and reduced investment, installation, and maintenance costs.

The Emotron M20 shaft power monitor offers advanced multi-function monitoring thanks to two output relays, an analogue output and a display for load indication and parameter settings. Emotron is one of Sunair’s most trusted brands, with uses across numerous applications and industries. Schedule a demo today!


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