Demonstration Bearing Protection Devices Now Available

High-quality bearing protection for your rotating equipment.

AESSEAL is one of the leading specialists in the design and manufacturing of mechanical seals, support systems, and bearing protection. Their innovative line of LabTecta and MagTecta bearing protectors feature a wide selection of specially designed seals which include patented features to help keep lubricants clean and dry, and to safely contain and prevent liquids, solids and gases from leaking.

Advantages to incorporating LabTecta and MagTecta seals in your operations:

  • High Efficiency
    LabTecta and MagTecta modular seal designs allow for some of the best on-time delivery performance in the industry.

  • Wide Variety of Seal Types for Different Applications
    The LabTecta and MagTecta product lines boast more than a dozen specially designed seal types, which are optimized for a variety of industrial applications.

  • Industry-Leading Protection
    These devices offer ingress protection up to IP69K ensuring all particulates and moisture are kept out of the bearing oil, even in the most arduous environments.

  • Breathable Seal Housing
    The advanced LabTecta labyrinth design allows the bearing housing to breathe out when the shaft is rotating, while sealing when the shaft stops.

  • Hermetic Sealing
    The MagTecta magnetically-energized face seal design allows hermetic sealing of bearing housings for maximum protection.

  • Long-lasting Design
    LabTecta devices are non-contacting in operation, protecting your machinery from further wear and ensuring your rotating equipment shafts are not damaged.

  • Certified to Handle Potentially Hazardous or Explosive Materials
    AESSEAL bearing protection devices are available with ATEX hazardous area certification.

Upgrading your rotating equipment with AESSEAL LabTecta and MagTecta products is a cost-effective solution to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of your operations. Schedule a demo with Sunair to find out more about the LabTecta mechanical seals!


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